History of Jazz

For this edition, Jean-Pol Schroeder continues his portraits of jazz men and women who have marked their era. New for this season: he will be accompanied by Jacques Onan. The two specialists will take turns giving the lectures. Attending the lectures on the History of Jazz is to listen to anecdotes about world-famous musicians, but […]

Nicolas Thys Trio

Nicolas and Jeroen have always been accomplices. Antoine has integrated himself into the group with the naturalness that we know him for. This trio is a second version of the group that recorded for Igloo in 2000 with drummer Steve Altenberg and singer Ghalia Ben Ali as guest. The repertoire is composed of standards and […]

Marco Mezquida Piano Solo

There is consensus among the press, programmers, audiences in pointing to Marco Mezquida as one of the brightest and most promising appearances on the peninsula’s music scene in decades. Born in Menorca in 1987, he graduated from ESMUC in Barcelona in 2009 and since then has recorded twenty albums leading his own projects and 40 […]

Fabrice Alleman ‘Spirit one’ Clarity

‘Clarity’ is a project freely inspired by the sound world of Chet Baker, this one having deeply marked our well known saxophonist. The result? A series of compositions, terribly melodic written in this spirit. With Jean-Louis Rassinfosse on double bass and Nicola Andrioli on piano, Fabrice Alleman takes us into a world of melodies that […]

Fergus McCreadie Trio + Brian Molley Quartet

Fergus McCreadie Trio With his second album, ‘Cairn’, Scottish pianist Fergus McCreadie continues to excite listeners across the UK and Europe. A phenomenal technician, McCreadie has developed a deeply personal style that captures Scotland’s musical traditions and landscapes while honouring his American and Nordic influences. His trio has developed into a formidable, superbly cohesive unit. […]

History and understanding of Jazz

Jean-Pol Schroeder, specialist in Jazz and more particularly in the History of this syncopated music in our flat country, created in 1994, with Jean-Marie Peterken, the Maison du Jazz de Liège, a real documentation and animation center and promotion of jazz in Belgium. For many years now, Jean-Pol Schroeder has collaborated with the Jazz Station […]

Aleph Quintet

Poised at the cultural frontier between North African oriental music and jazz improvisation, Aleph’s music is also influenced by Sufi culture and the association of music and trance. The group is a mixed bag of nationalities and backgrounds: Tunisian, Belgian and French. The glue that binds these five musicians together is the communicative energy of […]

Raphaëlle Brochet & Philippe Aerts Duo

Raphaëlle Brochet and Philippe Aerts blur the lines of the usual repertoire of their instruments, voice and double bass, and concentrate on creating a singular soundscape filled with their respective experiences. Their music is a cocktail of Carnatic music (Southern India), Bulgarian songs, bebop colours, jazz, and different oriental styles. They move from one genre […]

Géraud Portal New Quartet

By forming this new quartet, Géraud Portal fulfilled his desire to make original music, without harmonic instruments, so that a greater melodic and rhythmic communication emerged between the musicians. He thus wrote new compositions dedicated to this new band and its musicians. The work shines the spotlight on the talents of Plume, with his very […]

Irniger Trio ft. Van Gelder + Luca Sisera “Roofer”

For reasons of developments in the international situation due to Covid-19, we regret to announce the postponement of this concert. If you have made a reservation, you should have received an email containing a voucher for the amount of your ticket valid for any concert at the Jazz Station for 1 year. If you have […]

Jazz Station Big Band

The Jazz Station Big Band is releasing its brand new album ‘Moods’ on the Hypnote Records label. This long-awaited recording is causing a lot of hype because it has been aired on the Jazz Station for several months now. So it seemed an obvious choice to celebrate the official release. Original tracks by Steven Delannoye, […]

Basile Rahola Quartet

Bass player Basile Rahola, who recently arrived in Belgium, presents his new quartet with three outstanding musicians from the Belgian jazz scene. Pierre Hurty, an eclectic French drummer, Julien Cuvelier, a young talented Belgian saxophonist, and Wajdi Riahi, his long-time partner, a particularly creative Tunisian pianist, who is active on both the Belgian and Tunisian […]